Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Asnwer the qutions for articel reading Assignment - 2

Asnwer the qutions for articel reading - Assignment Example They used indicators such as the rate of child death and the competition that children have in schools in assessing the extent to which the countries are achieving particular economic and social rights (Fukuda-Parr, Randolph and Lawson-Remer 4-48). They found out that increasing the amount of public spending, use of public policies and programs that are effective towards improving social and economic rights should be encouraged. They found out that in low-income countries, the donors should increase the amount of the financial aids they give, therefore, enabling those countries in financing those policies and programs that influence their realization. The problem with their estimation approach is that they only focused on the fulfillment of human rights and neglected the levels to which the rights are violated. They failed to capture and integrate some aspects of human rights that are being violated, such as high levels of discrimination, lack of transparency and freedom of participation. Some of the indices they used in their estimation failed to look at the right to health hence giving poor performances towards measuring the economic and social rights. Constitutional rules have always been acting as the devices towards ensuring that that there are greater provisions and commitments in the various aspects of the human life. However, some constitutions are interpreted and enforced differently to others while others undergo writings and publications and constructions have the image of an enforceable law. They used empirical studies in finding out the effects of constitutionalizing the rights. Here they tend to find the magnitude of the effects on following the constitution on both the economic and political basis. They compare the amount of spending in those governments that follow the constitution to the letter

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