Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Reflection on Queen Elizabeth’s Leadership

Reflection on Leadership `Queen Elizabeth is a leader that possesses many greatqualities. She has a vision of earningher people’s lovethroughrespect, understanding and being unprejudiced. As a leader, she accepts the opinions of her advisors but at the same time thinks rationally and decides on what is the right thing to do. ` `In chapter one,Queen Elizabeth and her ministerswere discussing on how Mary Stuart, a Catholic,isthe Queen of England in waiting. It was also said by Howard, one of her ministers that all Catholics are traitors as their loyalty is to the Pope of Rome. I believe that it was right for Queen Elizabeth to say that she will not punish her people for their belief but only for their wrong doings. This shows that she understands that by allowing her people tolive freely, it creates joy and happiness among the people. This in return will allow her to earn the love from her people. I can see thatas much as she wants to maintain a good relation with her loyal Protestant supporters and her ministers, she makes decisions for the good of her country and her people even though some people might not agree with her decisions. From this situation,it shows that the Queen adopts pragmatism, fairness and transparency. She makes a practical decision about an issue, she treats everyone equally, she is open and that her rules, regulations decisions are made clear. `Chapter seventeen is when the story really makes her stand out as an organized,brave, honest yet motivating leader. Quoted, Queen Elizabeth said â€Å"My lords, I can offer you no words of comfort. If this Armada succeeds there will be no more freedom in our land, and England will be no more. We cannot be defeated. † This few sentences show thatshe believes that her people should be self motivated to perform their duties. However she encourages her people not by telling them words of comfort but telling the m the consequences. She uses reverse psychology to turn fear into strength,braveryand commitment to the country. ` `Queen Elizabeth is well-organized leader as she is able to leadthe country andalso delegate the tasksequally according to her people’s capabilities. This can be seen when Queen Elizabeth issued commands as Hatton,Walsingham, the Queen’s entourage and the Queen herself entered the great vaulted nave of St Paul’s to make their way towards the altar. In my opinion, she is also a risk taker when she sent out two ships to engagethe enemy. This is a quality of a good leader as someone who dares to take risks shows that they are not afraid to fail and try again. ` `As a leader, she does not mind dying in the midst of her people. This shows that although she is the Queen, she does not discriminate her people who are of lower rank. This is an important qualityin a leader as it will either make or break a trust. Lastly, I think Queen Elizabeth is a good leader because she recognizes contributions. She recognizes Raleigh’s contribution to the country and rewarded him with his wife, son and freedom. `

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